J. Wane Clothing began as a simple concept for its creator, Javan Yarborough. His passion is style/fashion and he longed to create a one of a kind menswear line for those who enjoy high quality fashion at an affordable price.
 A few years ago, Javan set out to build his clothing brand. Having been a student of men's fashion for some time he knew exactly what and how he envisioned it. After securing suppliers, he began focusing on designing and building a catalog of menswear that would separate itself from traditional menswear.
To the polished & confident individual, J. Wane Clothing is a modernistic & timeless menswear brand that strives to deliver an unmistakable clothing selection utilizing quality materials.
Here at J. Wane we are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience fixated upon "unmistakable" fashion forward clothing. Unlike any other menswear company, we continuously strive to deliver superior hand-crafted attire each & every time.
Our products are guaranteed to make you stand out. The customer is our primary focus, and that's why we take the time to take your measurements and provide you with a complete shopping experience. Take the first step and discover how J. Wane Clothing will change your life.